That was quick.

So, we are wrapping up in my Media Criticism class. For our final blog post we have been tasked with reading three of our classmates blogs. After we read their blogs, we are to leave them with a few comments about the topics they chose to discuss. This is a nice assignment, their are not to many times that you are actually able to read what your classmates have been thinking about. From my perspective Ideological Criticism is extremely interesting, so it should be fun to compare my thoughts with a fellow classmate.

First Up

 The Blind Critic.

"Start your Children Early"

Adam brought up some really interesting points in his blog.

Hey, great post here. First off, your writing style kept me reading the whole time. It was informal and was a fun interesting read. I’ve had heard of David Nolan before, especially with Ron Paul in the media, but I had never seen that chart before. It is weird how a graphic can draw you right into the article.

Anyways, I also like how you listed all the companies the Walt Disney Corporation owns. When we were talking about cradle-to-grave consumerism in class it sounded a little bit far fetched. People truly have no idea how much of their day to day life is influenced by the media.

Who knew that Baby Einstein was owned by the same individuals as ESPN. They really have captured a whole generation of consumers. It truly is a great example of hegemonic power. We as consumers, should be wary of the power we have given The Walt Disney Corp., but we see them as producers of innocence when what they really produce are stereotypes.

The caption for the Mickey Mouse picture I found funny. “All hail our animated overlords”, clever.

All in all I thought your blog post was well thought out, showed great insight into the topic, and was appealing.

Great Job


Knowledge for Your Mind.

As a fan of A.M.C I had to read this blog.

My favorite show. It is now canceled.

First, I was immediately hooked in with your first paragraph. I have really enjoyed watching two AMC series, Breaking Bad and Rubicon. They are awesome. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, the guy who plays Badger, did a Q&A on reddit. here. They are also doing a Good Fellas series which I am excited for.

When I got to the meat of the blog, I got a lot of good and relevant information about Propp’s character Models. It also gave you a great character outline. You didn’t spoil any of the plot, but I now know who is who. I would have liked if you gave me  more information using Propp’s model.

Specifically, I would have been interesting in reading how the plot points in Hell on Wheels compare to Propp’s model. I know the show has only been on one season, but I think its fun to spectate on shows we are following. Using Propp’s model we could probably make a couple of accurate guesses.

All in all you made a great  post. The information was appealing, relevant to what we discussed in class while being  easy to read.

and Ending With.

Keris Noelle

I really feel like I understand the Starz series Camelot using Vladimir Propp’s theories.

A Great Series.

Wow, awesome post. Your use of visuals and hyper-links makes for an awesome interactive read. I would also like to suggest to you a show called The Game of Thrones. It is an awesome series set in the world of  ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘. It is full of relationship conflicts, class struggles, and interesting  roles. Really a great show and if you like Camelot you may want to give it a shot.

You did a great job of explaining  Propp’s theory. You did a great job of explaining why the characters in the show fit Propp’s theory. You also provided story elements which related well to the common plot elements that we learned about in class.

I wish I was able to format my blog as nicely as you were able too. It really brings an ease to the way your blog reads. Your writing was interesting and my interest was kept with photos which were relevant to the topic.

Great Job.


This class was great. It was first and foremost very relaxed. Our papers were easy to write because we were given the ability to be creative, as long as we were able to tie in course  material. That in itself is awesome. When you are able to make connection between your interests and coursework, their is nothing better.

I feel like I took a lot of information out of the class. I feel like it gave me a great understanding of the topic and a viewpoint I will carry on into the workplace. I hope to work, one day, in the industry and I hope that this course will remind me of just how many people my work may influence.

This method of receiving criticism is great as well. I was excited when I got my first comment on my blog. It’s always great when you can share ideas in a constructive atmosphere.

All in all, I found this method of turning in assignments great. It was fun and gave me a skill that I can maybe carry over to the industry.


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